Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Terriers' Club - An Introduction.

"I'll be at my club"......

The Army and Navy, the Pall Mall, the Reform Club - sanctuaries from the milling throng. In such legendary watering holes, a chap could wolf a sizeable lunch, quaff a pint of Chablis and snooze it off in a cosy armchair.
Bertie Wooster may have found solace at the Drones' Club but there is a further destination known only (till now) to a select group of cognoscenti, the Terriers' Club.

Its origins are obscure. Some say that it has always existed, borne out by the portraits of distinguished alumni which line the walls. At least one is said to be the work of Stubbs.

The location is a well kept secret. You might imagine a turn off Lambs Conduit Street, a flight of steps, a hidden door...... Or does it exist in the St James's Street of the mind?

How to find it then? Check in here for advice or tips or better yet - catch the smell of a steak pie on the breeze and follow your nose!

N.B The motto of the Terriers' Club is here translated as "the rest are wanting".

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