Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Terriers' Club - a Guided Tour for the Uninitiated.

Fancy a peek inside?

A discreet portal opens upon a dimly lit foyer dominated by a monumental coat of arms, lit for dramatic effect from below. 
At first glance this appears to be the traditional heraldic motif of lamb and flag worked in stone. Closer perusal reveals that here is no lamb but a rather fine English Bull Terrier. He proudly holds aloft a flag which proclaims "The Terriers' Club". Entwined twixt feet and flagpole is a (rather Christmassy) sprig of holly and underneath the whole, a curling scroll with the Latin motto picked out in gilt, " Cetera Desunt".*

The effect is at first glance rather intimidating but you slowly become aware of a convivial hubbub from the adjoining room. Mouth watering aromas indicative of a fine lunch fill the air. Politeness prevents you from barging straight in so you shuffle your feet on the black and white marble, hoping your mere presence might attract attention. You wait..... you notice a bell. It clangs sonorously and distantly, the hubbub quietens. Expectation hovers briefly, you shuffle a bit more and the hubbub resumes......

With ears strained to catch the sound of approaching footfall, the noises off divide up into recognisable sounds - the chink of china, low conversational muttering and over it all the distinctive rattle of resonant snoring.........

* here translated as "the rest are wanting". Possibly an arcane reference to the superiority of the breed?

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