Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fortuitous Photo.....

I have been messing about turning my drawings into stickers. In my desperation to see the finished result, I applied it hastily without bothering to remove all the bubbles and took a quick photo. Mysterious processes had been at work - the back of the seat has cleverly suggested itself into the dog shape, helping to create this ghost bull terrier in the back seat!

Monday, 3 March 2014

A Traditional British Spring!

Inspired by the weakest glimmer of Spring sunshine (essential here - it might be all we get!), flowers are bursting out all over at the Terriers' Club.
This is my "Bargee's Dog", a painting on board which has given me the chance to reproduce the lovely strong patterns of traditional canal boat art.
Narrowboat art is found throughout the inland waterways of the UK - on the paintwork of the canal barges and on the utensils of those who live this itinerant lifestyle.

Typified by stylized roses, castles and organic patterns in strong colours, this artform originates perhaps in Romany/Gypsy or nautical art.

More to the point, I would love a dog who looked like this!