Monday, 12 December 2011

Terriers are Gentlemen....

You may wonder why a club, an institution so quintessentially British and frequented by gentlemen, should also exist for terriers. The story of Terence (R.I.P.)the Terriers' Club cat may cast some light....
An explanatory brass plaque at the base of the glass dome (which contains all that is left of Terence) tells all.

Terence came to the club as a stray. He quickly proved his worth and earned his keep by keeping the mice and rats under firm control. 
At first, he met with the usual hostility between cats and dogs. It is a wonder he survived the first night but he was a large ginger tomcat and not to be messed with. Such was his ratting prowess that he immediately impressed even the traditionally anti-feline members. Certainly they became hot under the collar in his presence but were able to marshall great restraint. Some of course were friendlier than others as is the usual way.

Throughout his twenty years at the club he was always treated with respect and deference.
Dignity has always been the hallmark of the terrier breed.

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